I spent a few days last week at the Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg, Germany. Ostensibly to chat to some suppliers – no one else was available ;-) – but also to check out new technology and the like. It was the first time I’ve been to one of these events and I really enjoyed it, although after a day and a half of traipsing around the enormous convention centre I’d pretty much had enough. Executive summary: Internet of Things, Internet of Things, Internet of THINGS.

Friend Blodgett will be pleased to note that MathWorks are alive and well and touting Matlab to embedded systems developers everywhere!


As someone who is an avid collector of branded pens and other corporate tat such an event is a very dangerous place. However I managed to exert and a small amount of self control and limited myself to filling one Perforce tote bag with junk. Special mention must go to this pen from computer-on-module vendor Portwell for this beautifully presented pen (and their wonderful logo). Also this arty ruler from PCB manufacturer Circuitive complete with 10% discount voucher on the rear.


These people are either at the wrong show or demonstrating the terrifying fully automated tractor of the future.