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Archives for January, 2011

Chicken SLIME now an Egg

The Chicken Scheme SWANK implementation I’ve been working on is now available from the main Egg repository. So now you don’t need to faff about with Git and can install it like any other extension using: chicken-install slime Follow the instructions on the Chicken Wiki to get it set up. I’ll be mirroring changes in […]

Colne Valley

I went for a walk today in the Colne Valley. It’s a strange strip of land between West London and the M25 that can’t decide whether it wants to be part of the countryside or the city. It’s quite a nice part of the world anyway. Here’s where I went, from West Drayton – which […]

List outgoing changesets in Git

I normally use Git for my personal projects but at work I use Mercurial. While I prefer Git overall, Mercurial has some nice commands that are missing from Git. One particularly useful one is hg out which prints the changesets in your local repository that are missing from the remote. Here is a simple script […]

Muckle Flugga

It’s a real place! Best name ever. Here it is: View Larger Map

Chicken SLIME describe and apropos

The latest version of swank-chicken.scm now supports describe (C-c C-d d) and apropos (C-c C-d a) commands using the chicken-doc egg. Here’s an example: This apropos window works too: hit C-c C-d a, type a regexp, and a popup window will list the matching symbols; hit enter on the one you’re interested in and you […]

Update to Chicken SWANK server

I’ve made some improvements to the Chicken Scheme SWANK server I posted previously. Thank you to all the people who emailed me about it! I’ve fixed several minor bugs and implemented some new features: The SLIME autodoc minor mode now works giving more detailed parameter hints. For example: Autodoc is not enabled by default so […]