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Archives for September, 2010

Thames Barrier to Crayford Ness

Yesterday I went for a walk eastwards from the Thames Barrier and into the estuary. Why wasn’t I at work? Because this week I’m having a staycation! As is often the case with my outdoor activities, the weather was grey and miserable. Here’s the Thames Barrier itself: The visitor centre is quite good. Beyond the […]

Reducing DVD drive noise

Fan noise from CD/DVD drives can be very loud. It probably doesn’t matter if you’re just reading something off it but if you’re watching a DVD for example, it can get annoying. The fans are required in modern drives when the disc is spinning very fast – e.g. 16x – and by default it spins […]

Qemu resizing blurriness

Are you annoyed when Qemu randomly resizes its window causing all the text to be scaled and blurred? Maybe it’s just my window manager, but here is a trivial patch to disable that annoying feature: — sdl.c.old 2010-09-25 13:30:48.000000000 +0100 +++ sdl.c 2010-09-25 13:30:50.000000000 +0100 @@ -102,7 +102,7 @@   // printf("resizing to %d %d\n", […]

Waterloo to Greenwich

Yesterday I walked along the next bit of the Thames path from Waterloo to Greenwich. I think this might have been my favourite section thus far: lots of things to see and Greenwich has some interesting museums. There’s also a really good community farm at Surrey Docks. Unfortunately just past Greenwich part of the path […]

The strange world of film cameras

A few weeks ago I found my granddad’s old camera in a box in our attic. Intrigued, I hunted around a bit on the intertubes and discovered it was quite a nice camera in its period. It’s a Voigtländer Vito B produced in West Germany. This is the upgraded model dating from 1956 with a […]

Back to Winchester

As you may or may not know, I used to live in Winchester while I was doing a placement year at a certain large American mega-corporation. I hadn’t set foot in the place for over four years, so I decided to go back and visit yesterday as it’s only an hour by train from where […]

A bug for Blodgett

What is it? Where does it come from? Where is it going? Here it comes out of the undergrowth! Seriously, I have no idea what it is! I’m sure I’ve never seen one before. This is my first foray into macro photography and I don’t think it was wholly successful. Still, this next one is […]

Maidenhead bridge from an exciting new angle

I’ve been living in Maidenhead for a whole year now but just last weekend I discovered that what I thought was a private island in the Thames is actually open for several months a year. So here’s what I thought was quite a nice picture of Maidenhead taken from the bridge to the island: