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Archives for April, 2009

Lunar Lander on Windows

April 22nd, 2009

I’ve updated Lunar Lander 0.5 so it works on Windows. You can get a zip file containing the binaries here. The updated source archive contains the MSVC9 project files if you want to build it yourself.

No installer yet since I built this with Visual Studio Express; if you desperately want an installer you can get the MSI for version 0.4.

Nothing new for non-Windows users except a minor version bump.

Mining on the Moon

April 15th, 2009

In the future men will mine the moon to harvest the precious deuterium to fuel our fusion reactors. All sane-thinking people agree on this. Also, most scientists agree that there will be space elevators and a resurgence of steam trains. I’ve have produced an artist’s impression of what a moon-mining base might look like:


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Breaking news

April 9th, 2009

Dastardly pirates have captured another cargo ship! doof.me.uk has acquired exclusive pictures of the event! Here are the pirates sneaking up and capturing the ship:

Pirates capturing the ship

The pirates take the cargo ship captain to their cabin. The pirates have captured one motorbike and a small tractor.

Pirates in their cabin

Wow! It looks like the crew have recaptured the ship. The pirates are fleeing overboard!

Crew recapturing the ship

Now the blue soldier dudes have turned up to rescue the captain and capture the pirates.


The prisoner is freed and the pirates are captured! Hooray! Everyone is happy. The soldiers are surprised to find the pirate leader is none other than the notorious Captain Sunde from the Bay of Pirates! :o
Pirates being locked up