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Archives for 2008

New xcowsay at last!

I’ve finally finished xcowsay 1.1! The big new feature is dream mode — you can display images inside the bubble! There’s also a new –think flag to make text appear inside a thought bubble as well. Plus there’s some bug fixes and even a Portuguese translation. What are you waiting for?! Get it here. Also, […]

New Lunar Lander version

I’ve released version 0.4 of Lunar Lander! New features in this version: Sound effects! Much improved performance when no hardware acceleration is available Prettier effects Bug fixes Windows binaries for the first time in ages Get it here.

Underwater nuclear reactor

Underwater nuclear reactors are an amazing idea aren’t they? Turns out someone’s already patented a design. And there are even plans to build one in Estonia! So last night I designed my own underwater nuclear reactor, complete with multi-colour submarines and colourful aquatic beasties! I’m rather proud of it. I think this is also a […]

Ruby Toys

UPDATE 6/4/15: this post was previously a page but was removed when I reorganised the sidebar. Check out the rbib project on GitHub. This page contains a couple of small Ruby utilities I’ve written. BibTeX parser A parser for BibTeX databases. Mostly intended for transforming the entries in some way, such as deleting unneeded keys. […]

Lunar Lander update

I’ve posted an updated version of my Lunar Lander game. This is mostly a code clean-up of the last release, but it also features a new options screen and the ability to switch resolutions. Download it here.

Ideas for next xcowsay version

These are some of things I’m thinking of adding for xcowsay 1.1: Think mode: draw a thought bubble like cowthink in the original cowsay. Dream mode: display images in the bubble. Draw the bubble with Cairo and anti-aliasing. Translations. A few bug fixes ;-). Thanks to everyone who downloaded xcowsay 1.0!!!!! 😀

Beta version of xcowsay panel applet

I’ve written a GNOME panel applet based on the xcowsay source code. It doesn’t do much at the moment – click it to run xcowfortune. If you want to try it out, get the source code here. You’ll need to configure it with –prefix=/usr or set BONOBO_ACTIVATION_PATH for GNOME to find it.

Lunar Lander game

I’ve posted the source code of my Lunar Lander clone that I’ve be working on for a while now. Check it out here!

xcowsay 1.0 released!

Woo! xcowsay is now finished! Download it here. Please add comments, bug reports, suggestions, whatever. UPDATE: Now on freshmeat!

A gettext i18n tutorial

I’ve recently struggled with GNU gettext for internationalizing some of my programs. This, for the benefit of other people who, like me, can’t be bovered to read the documentation, is the method I’ve used successfully: I’m assuming you have a standard GNU autoconf/automake setup. If you don’t, there’s a lot of manual work to do. […]