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Archives for 2008

Meta-Ruby for the win!

So… let’s suppose you’re hacking away in Ruby and you mistype a method name: irb(main):001:0> 5.clas NoMethodError: undefined method `clas’ for 5:Fixnum from (irb):1 Obviously I *meant* to type ‘class’, but I got the arity (0) right and the spelling wrong. I propose an extension to Ruby based on the hypothesis that typos are more […]

Cakesniffing on Rails

A Web 2.0 application for cakesniffers everywhere: cakesniffer-or-not.

Telepathic Cows

Next version of xcowsay may feature telepathy… Use case? IRC messages appear as cowz!!! Awesome.

Another xcowsay release!!

Yes yes yes!!! xcowsay 0.7 has been released!!!! This version has: A config file! checkout the man page for details Can specify as many words as you like on the command line and they’ll all be joined together Get it here!

xcowsay 0.5

The next release of xcowsay is out! New features in this version: Click the cow to make it go away Specify the cow size with –cow-size=(small|med|large) Get it here

xcowsay on OS X

Apparently xcowsay works on a Mac too… woo! 😀

xcowsay 0.4.1

Fixes a bug in xcow(fortune|at) on Ubuntu xcowsay-0.4.1.tar.gz


OMG LiKE… xcowsay-0.4 is released. New featurez: Automatically calculates your reading speedz! Gets it here