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Archives for May, 2010

Pevensey Castle and Some Cows

Today I went to Pevensey Castle with my family. It’s a bit ruined but still interesting to wander around. Went to the beach as well briefly, but it was a bit too cold and windy to hang about. The cows featured here aren’t from Pevensey but are our neighbour-cows from Hastings Country Park as seen […]

Kingston, Richmond, Kew

It’s wet and miserable this weekend but last week it was exceptionally sunny! I’ve just realised I forgot to post my photos from my wanderings last Sunday when the weather was at its nicest. I’ve been slowly making my way along the Thames Path and the next segment is from Kingston to Kew. This is […]


A few years ago blodgett and I developed a useful tool for visualising what would happen if you grafted someone’s face onto a giraffe. We implemented this ground-breaking tool in GIMP script-fu and promptly forgot about it. I only rediscovered it recently when clearing out my home directory. Here is the program’s best guess at […]


Final bit of holiday blogging! After Bratislava I went to Budapest. Although it’s not actually very far the journey seemed to take an eternity. Still, it was quite fun as the train had retro compartments and the route skirted the bank of the Danube most of the way which was quite pleasant. While the weather […]


Next I headed to Bratislava in Slovakia. I really like Bratislava: it’s a bit like Prague or Budapest but quieter and more compact. There’s a castle, a bridge with a giant UFO on top, and a really cute old town. It’s also really easy to get a bus out to the countryside where there’s another […]


After Munich I went to Salzburg in Austria. It was a very nice trip with mountains and such like. By far the best thing about Salzburg is its castle which I think is the best example of a castle that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Lots of pictures of it below. Also […]


After Berlin I went on a train to Munich. Even on the zoom zoom ICE3 train it takes nearly six hours so I stopped off in Leipzig for a while. Leipzig was OK: it has a nice old town centre but the buildings round it are a bit grey and unloved. Also didn’t help that […]


Here are the photos I took when I was in Berlin recently. I quite liked it as cities go. The TV Tower and DDR Museum were especially good. Although I have to say I preferred the TV tower in Prague which was cheaper and less busy. Can’t think of much else to say, so here […]

Cute objcopy hack

I learned a useful trick today for embedding arbitrary data in an ELF executable. This is an easy way bundle RAM disks and other resources when you’re running on bare hardware. The first step is to turn our binary data into an ELF object file: echo yahyahyah > yah objcopy -I binary -O elf32-i386 -B […]

Syncing SanDisk/GMPC cover art

Do you have a SanDisk MP3 player? Do you use GMPC? Do you read this blog? I suspect that set is very small but if you are in this demographic here is a treat for you: a Ruby script to copy the cover art downloaded by GMPC onto your SanDisk device. Here it is: sandisk-cover-sync.rb […]