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Xcowsay 1.5

Xcowsay is starting to show it’s age a bit, and with Gtk2 and legacy GDK fast disappearing from distributions it’s time to upgrade to Gtk3! (Yes I know Gtk4 is out soon…) Migrating from GDK to Cairo was fairly painless as the drawing API is very similar. The main problem is the removal of the […]

Xcowsay 1.4

Once upon a time I used this this blog to publish softwares of questionable utility, and if my analytics stats are anything to go by, I should have stuck to that. So today I’m proud to announce the release of… xcowsay 1.4! This is just a rolling up of various minor tweaks over the past […]

Xcowsay 1.3 finally in Debian

I was pleasantly surprised today when I did a dist-upgrade on Debian Jessie today and it upgraded xcowsay to version 1.3 which was released a mere four years ago. Alarmingly, there appear to be bug reports! 😮 Methinks I should be working on a 1.4 release…

Xcowsay on Raspberry Pi

Xcowsay fans rejoice! Xcowsay is now officially supported on the Raspberry Pi! In other news I’ve started updating xcowsay to use Gtk3 and Cario. Expect version 1.4 later in the year!

Royal fact-say

It’s less than a week to go until the most anticipated day of the year: the wedding of Kate and Wills. A momentous day in the history of our nation. And look, even the humble pound shops are joining the celebrations! Here at doof.me.uk we’re marking the occasion with a release of a special royal […]

xcowsay 1.3

Out of the barn and on to the interwebs: here it comes! xcowsay 1.3! This version is another minor upgrade to xcowsay with the following changes: A number of small bug fixes in xcowsay itself and the configure script. Setting –time=0 now means the cow is displayed until clicked. If the text is so wide […]

Another xcowsay application

Why not use xcowsay as a visual aid during presentations? http://www.flickr.com/photos/x_jamesmorris/3951228343/

xcowsay 1.2

After nearly 18 months I’m releasing a new version of xcowsay! Release 1.2 doesn’t contain any new major features but it does contain a number of bug fixes and small improvements requested by 1.1 users. These include: Fixed bugs relating to multiple monitors: the cow will no longer be spliced across two screens and a […]

An alternative application of xcowsay

Recently I had a flirtation with removing all the non-free software from my Debian installs. This didn’t last very long: I got annoyed that I couldn’t watch iplayer with gnash, and blodgett reminded me that I had a copy of Vista running in VirtualBox. Ooops. However, upon reinstating the non-free repository I installed the vrms […]

Minor xcowsay update

I’ve just uploaded a minor update to xcowsay: xcowsay-1.1.1. This version removes the debian/ package directory as I will no longer be distributed Debian/Ubuntu packages for future versions. This is because xcowsay will hopefully soon be packaged in Debian, and therefore Ubuntu, and they don’t like the debian/ directory in upstream packages. I don’t distribute […]