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Archives for May, 2012

Green Bug

Maybe some kind of grasshopper? Saw it on the balcony today in the sun.


After being a little sceptical about our corporate day out to Thorpe Park I was pleasantly surprised by it being totally epic.

Stopped Raining

Finally it was sunny enough to go walking on Saturday. So I went adventuring in previously unexplored territory near Princes Risborough. Tried unsuccessfully to get a tan, instead I ended up with lots of nettle stings :-(. Here’s some generic pleasant countryside: Also, a cute little church:

Xcowsay on Raspberry Pi

Xcowsay fans rejoice! Xcowsay is now officially supported on the Raspberry Pi! In other news I’ve started updating xcowsay to use Gtk3 and Cario. Expect version 1.4 later in the year!

Mysterious Component

I thought managing over two years without washing machine malfunction was too good to be true. And lo it was. This time a mysterious banging noise was caused by these as yet unidentified components: Foolishly I forgot to ask the engineer what the problem was so washing machine lore has not grown. I’m pretty sure […]

Olympic Park

For reasons vaguely connected with my day job I found myself at a soiree at a certain marketing suite on the Olympic Park last Thursday. The less said about the event itself the better but I did manage to get a look at the nearly finished venues: Photo sucks as I only had my phone […]