Another visit to Suffolk, this time I’m trying to get to Felixstowe following a detour around the Orford marshes.

The long spit of land between my path and sea is Orford Ness which is now a nature reserve but in the past was used as a nuclear weapons testing site (I don’t think they actually exploded anything there).

This mission had a touch of urgency since I needed to cross the river at Bawdsey by ferry which only runs in summer and stops at 5pm. I got there in time but unfortunately the ferry was nowhere to be seen.

Luckily I found this “bat” which I waved frantically while looking like an idiot, and to my surprise it did actually summon the ferry.

I didn’t know much about Felixstowe before setting out, apart from that it’s home to Britain’s largest port, so I expected it to be rather industrial. But apart from the cranes in the distance it turned out to be a perfectly pleasant seaside town. Reminded me a bit of Folkstone.