I’m pleased to announce a new version of nvc, the VHDL simulator I’ve been working on for the best part of a decade now. I haven’t added any major new features recently but I’ve fixed several bugs listed below, and also updated the code generation to be compatible with LLVM 7 and later. Due to a licensing change the IEEE standard library sources can now be redistributed, but note that distributing modifications is not permitted so these are truly free software.

  • IEEE library sources are now distributed
  • Updated FST library to match GtkWave 3.3.79
  • The LXT wave output format is deprecated, use FST instead
  • Fix incorrect file name in assertion message
  • Fix crash while recovering from parse error
  • Add --dump-json command to print AST as JSON (from Sebastien Van Cauwenberghe)
  • Fix crash when using LLVM 7 and later
  • Fix spurious assertion failure in std.textio.readline
  • Reals are now rounded to the nearest integer as specified by the LRM
  • Fix crash when constant folding uses too much memory
  • Improved memory management in evaluator (thanks to Frank Mori Hess)
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

Download the source package here: nvc-1.5.tar.gz.