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Archives for February, 2012

Sunday Walk

February 19th, 2012

Went for a wander in the Chilterns near Henley today, on account of it being the first warm-ish sunny day for ages. Regular readers might have noticed that my adventurings have become less, err, adventurous of late with suspicious amounts of repetition. Well, I’ve decided that the Chilterns really are the optimal walking location in the south of England: having excellent quantities of nicely rounded hills and quaint villages. It’s just surprising how empty it is during the weekend, considering it’s only thirty miles from London. Anyway, here are some things I saw today:


February 11th, 2012

So after having no real problems with my flat for over a year, a few days ago my landlord phones to say he’ll be in India until the end of the month. The following day I wake up and there’s no hot water. This is completely unreasonably unlucky and I wish to protest.

Update: should I be concerned if two plumbers arrive, umm and err for an hour, and then leave saying they need to contact a “technical expert”?

Further update: all fixed now!

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Best Feature

February 5th, 2012

If you needed any convincing that Clementine is the best Linux music player since Amarok 1.4, here it is:

Nyanalyser mode!

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