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Archives for September, 2011

Verified by Visa annoyances

It turns out that if your bank uses Verified by Visa and you use Firefox 5 or newer then you need to enable the “accept third party cookies” option or payments will mysteriously fail :-(.

Needs a paint

Not sure if I’ve posted a picture of this bridge before: It’s over the Thames between Cookham and Bourne End where I went for a wander this morning. If they painted it it would look quite nice.

Big Value

For some reason Tesco are currently selling 4.25kg boxes of “big value” Persil non-bio washing powder cheaper than the otherwise identical 2.5kg boxes. Stock up now!

Holiday Camp

I’ve been in Norway for a few days for our annual company conference thing. We stayed at this Butlins-esque convention centre on the coast about an hours drive from Oslo. The chalets are very cute. Weather wasn’t great but at least it wasn’t -20°C like last time.