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Archives for March, 2010

Amazing new technology

A friend gave me this amazing pig torch today! What is amazing about pig torch you ask? Pig torch has incredible pump-action technology that means it requires no batteries! Here we can see the pump mechanism: By pumping up the pig it builds up a store of energy that can be released at any time […]

Walking around Marlow (again)

I realised it’s been a while since I treated/bored you all with photos of my wanderings around Berkshire. So here are a few photos of my walk today around Marlow and the surrounding countryside. I don’t think anyone could visit Marlow without wanting to ride on the happy little Marlow train previously eulogised on this […]

Trains on hills

After a flurry of Train Game development the train now goes up and down hills! Unfortunately all is not quite right in train land as sometimes when going up or down a steep hill the train intersects the waggons or goes way out in front as if on an invisible elastic band rather than a […]