I realised it’s been a while since I treated/bored you all with photos of my wanderings around Berkshire. So here are a few photos of my walk today around Marlow and the surrounding countryside.

I don’t think anyone could visit Marlow without wanting to ride on the happy little Marlow train previously eulogised on this blog. I didn’t take a picture of the Marlow train today unfortunately, but here’s one I made earlier to illustrate its essential characteristics:

Here it is going over the bridge at Bourne End. I believe said bridge is currently the subject of some controversy over its repainting or lack thereof due to budget constraints.

Anyway, the important things to note are that it is small, consisting only of two carriages, and it trundles at a leisurely pace. Neither of these are readily apparent from the above photo, thus it fails in its intended purpose.

Fact of the day: in olden times when the Marlow train was steam powered it was referred to as the “Marlow Donkey”, presumably due to the aforementioned characteristics.