This site is a rather fantastic collection of comics / book covers / album art dealing with nuclear war.

Some of the stuff from the early 50s is wonderfully deranged, like this:

Black death grenades

Damn commies ‘ll never get their hands on our atomic black death grenades…

The collection is ordered chronologically, and the increasing pessimism towards the 80s is interesting to watch. Perhaps with the exception of The Survivalist. A while ago I found a slightly tongue-in-cheek plot summary of all 27 books… the author is a creative genius of sorts. Edit: found it.

Is environmental catastrophe replacing nuclear war as the post apocalyptic fantasy of choice? The Road is very good, and one for the kids. All a bit depressing though – where’s my global warming grenade???

While I’m on the subject, this collection of soviet posters is pretty awesome. Not updated for a few years – seems like a poster a day was a bit much to keep up with.