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Archives for October, 2009

An alternative application of xcowsay

Recently I had a flirtation with removing all the non-free software from my Debian installs. This didn’t last very long: I got annoyed that I couldn’t watch iplayer with gnash, and blodgett reminded me that I had a copy of Vista running in VirtualBox. Ooops. However, upon reinstating the non-free repository I installed the vrms […]

Some pictures of Hastings beach

Back at my parent’s home in Hastings at the moment. Went out the this afternoon to visit some local museums and go to the beach. Weather was a bit foul but managed to take a few photos. They all look a bit miserable: not sure I’m doing Hastings tourist board any favours…

Minor xcowsay update

I’ve just uploaded a minor update to xcowsay: xcowsay-1.1.1. This version removes the debian/ package directory as I will no longer be distributed Debian/Ubuntu packages for future versions. This is because xcowsay will hopefully soon be packaged in Debian, and therefore Ubuntu, and they don’t like the debian/ directory in upstream packages. I don’t distribute […]


Somewhere in the Norwegian interior there is actually a place called Grue. Don’t go there in the dark!


The company I work for are Norwegian in origin, therefore I was dispatched to Norway for their “new hire” training/brainwashing. After three days of learning corporate mantras I was feeling slightly frazzled to say the least. Some of us stayed in Oslo for the weekend to do some sightseeing which was rather enjoyable. I’ve collected […]

Sunsets from planes

Continuing the Nick-attempts-sunset-photos series, here are a few pictures I took from the plane back from Oslo this evening. (More blogging of this to follow.) This is a cropped but otherwise unmodified picture from the window. The glass was a bit dirty unfortunately. This was taken slightly later, but I’ve used the “auto levels” tool […]

My mechanical keyboard

For a while I have been quite dissatisfied with my keyboard – one of the MS split-in-half ones. While the typing angle is nice, I don’t like the feel of the keys. Actually, I’m not so keen on the feel of the keys of any keyboard I’ve had or ever tried. However, when I was […]

Some pictures of Slough

An eleven year old girl from Slough has written a new poem to replace the old miserable one! It begins like this: Horrible bombs don’t fall on Slough, Because it’s fit for humans now, To celebrate here are a few photos I took in wonderful Slough yesterday. As you can see, it is fit for […]