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Some stray notes upon Slough and Upton

I stumbled upon this book today: Some stray notes upon Slough and Upton written in 1892 by Richard Bentley, a local historian. I haven’t read much of it yet, but from the first few pages we learn that Slough “is a very healthy place” and has an “inspiriting air”. The latter a quote from the […]

Burnham and Slough Trading Estate

As mentioned in the previous post, I went for a walk from Maidenhead to Slough via Burnham today. I took a few photos for the benefit of those that don’t live in the area. Here we are then at the Brunel railway bridge in Maidenhead. This is probably the most famous of Maidenhead’s two Thames […]

Burnham Beeches

Went for a walk to Burnham Beeches today. It’s a nice wooded area to the north west of Slough. I started off in Maidenhead so here’s a picture of the bridge: Maidenhead has a pair of very nice bridges. The Brunel railway bridge is just downstream from here and worth a visit. The walk to […]

Some pictures of Slough

An eleven year old girl from Slough has written a new poem to replace the old miserable one! It begins like this: Horrible bombs don’t fall on Slough, Because it’s fit for humans now, To celebrate here are a few photos I took in wonderful Slough yesterday. As you can see, it is fit for […]

Slough and its environs

I’ve been up in the Slough area for the last few days as I’m shortly to be employed there. Slough was best summed up by the opening lines to this poem by John Betjeman: Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough! It isn’t fit for humans now, Unfortunately, seventy years later this is still largely […]