As mentioned in the previous post, I went for a walk from Maidenhead to Slough via Burnham today. I took a few photos for the benefit of those that don’t live in the area.

Here we are then at the Brunel railway bridge in Maidenhead. This is probably the most famous of Maidenhead’s two Thames crossings but gets less coverage on this blog for some reason.


It has been part of the west coast mainline since 1838 and the arches are apparently some of the widest and flattest in the world. A plaque by the bridge claims they are the widest and flattest in the world, but Wikipedia thinks otherwise. Regardless, it’s still a very well engineered bridge and we should all thank Mr Brunel for constructing it or I would have awful trouble getting to work every morning.


Later on I spotted this pretty scene involving Slough, a rainbow, and the M4. Can you spot them all? Seems a little tricky to get rainbows to come out in photos.


This is the south side of Burnham just before we get into the greater urban area of Slough. The clouds have cleared up a bit and I really like how the colours have come out: good green!


Not really sure what was going on with the sky today – looks a bit weird! Sainsburys on the edge of Slough.

And finally, Slough Trading Estate:


Slough Trading Estate is the oldest and still the largest business park in the world. It even has its own eco-friendly power plant that burns recycled waste pellets. I did intend to take a picture of that too but it was getting dark an Slough is not a place to hang around in after dark.

A few more photos here.

Unfortunately, once I reached Slough I realised that my phone, which was with me when I left home, was no longer about my person. I think it has fallen out of my bag somewhere along the Thames path where I foolishly put it in the same compartment as my map. Bother. If you happen to find it, post in the comments and I will exchange it for a cookie.