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Archives for January, 2014

ISO 3103

January 27th, 2014

I was recently alarmed to discover that my tea making regime is not ISO 3103 compliant. I have amended my practices and suggest you do also lest a surprise inspection visit from ISO Technical Committee 34 (Food products), Sub-Committee 8 (Tea) finds you non-compliant.

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January 25th, 2014

Went for a walk in the Chilterns today: out to this pleasant place with a duck pond called Russell’s Water. It is so muddy outside at the moment. Progress was significantly slowed trying to avoid bogs. Took a photo of one of the less muddy areas with some pleasant winter woodland:


Just as I was getting back to Henley I fell victim to the freak storm that travelled across the country this afternoon (it even made the news on Radio 4!). I got very very very wet. But at least it cleaned my boots.

Thought I’d try to get back into the habit of mapping my adventures for future reference, so here’s where I explored today:


January 17th, 2014

Went adventuring in the Greenwich region a few weeks ago with acquaintance Blodgett. The highlight of the area is obviously the DLR, here I am at the front of number 83A:


The next exhibit is a sundial with embedded cannon which fires at noon:


At one point it stopped raining and there was a pleasant view from the observatory to the dome:


Itinerant ice cream salesmen are a menace to our society.


The Waterloo and City line is theoretically important as the base case in all inductive reasoning on the underground system.