Went for a walk to Burnham Beeches today. It’s a nice wooded area to the north west of Slough. I started off in Maidenhead so here’s a picture of the bridge:


Maidenhead has a pair of very nice bridges. The Brunel railway bridge is just downstream from here and worth a visit.

The walk to Burnham took longer than it should have due to some terrible map-reading incompetence resulting in a number of detours. As I close in on my destination the way is blocked by an obstruction!


As you can see the paths are all a bit muddy after the wet weather we’ve been having. It’s all rather good fun: leaping between dry patches and diving under fallen trees. I pretend I’m an adventurer in the jungle! And really, there is very little practical difference between the Amazon and a path along the side of a Buckinghamshire golf course.


Here we are at the aforementioned Burnham Beeches. This is a very nice place for a Sunday afternoon walk. The trees here are all very old, must show respect! The land is actually owned by the City of London who purchased it as a place for Londoners to visit to escape the smog, pollution, etc. Nowadays it seems to serve a similar purpose for the residents of Slough. I heartily approve.

Walking down to Slough through Farnham Royal I spied Slough Trading Estate power plant and thought it looked rather pretty with the current configuration of sun and clouds. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a very good position to take a picture so this will have to do: