For a while I have been quite dissatisfied with my keyboard – one of the MS split-in-half ones. While the typing angle is nice, I don’t like the feel of the keys. Actually, I’m not so keen on the feel of the keys of any keyboard I’ve had or ever tried. However, when I was home in the summer I dug out our old c.1993 IBM PC complete with it’s original model M keyboard and fell in love with its clickiness and springy keys. Have been searching around for a modern equivalent.

It turns out there’s whole forums devoted to these mechanical keyboards – of which Das Keyboard is probably the best known example. However, I didn’t really want to spend ~£100 at current exchange rates for a blank keyboard, but I found out that the Das Keyboard II is actually a re-branded (and tarted up) version of a keyboard made by Cherry – the G80-3000 in fact. So a few weeks ago I bought one for £60 from Cherry Keyboards ‘R’ Us. It is well nice.

It’s difficult to describe just how much fun it is to type on: the clicking sound it makes is so incredibly pleasing – it’s fun just to sit and tap the keys. The keys also have just the right amount of resistance. It’s solidly built and looks quite nice as well.

Here are some sexy shots of someone else’s. Here someone has posted the sound of them typing on one.

I’m incredibly pleased with mine, and don’t think I’ll ever be going back to a regular keyboard. If you spend at lot of time typing you should get one too!

I am not a salesman.