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I recently discovered I live quite close to one of the least-used railway stations in the country! How could I resit a visit to Doleham station? With just 56 passengers in 2007/8 Doleham station is a pretty quiet place. What is there to see and do once you arrive at Doleham? This helpful map shows […]

Some observations on the subject of cows

I’m back at home in Hastings at the moment. Went on the hill near our house with t’family this afternoon and encountered this herd of cows. They are cute! It looks like they are well prepared for the snow with all that hair!

Some pictures of Hastings beach

Back at my parent’s home in Hastings at the moment. Went out the this afternoon to visit some local museums and go to the beach. Weather was a bit foul but managed to take a few photos. They all look a bit miserable: not sure I’m doing Hastings tourist board any favours…

Nice sunset

It was a really nice evening yesterday. Went up on the hill near my parents’ house to take some pictures. I think they came out quite well!