If you live in the Slough area it can’t have escaped your notice that Slough bus station is currently being demolished under the guise of the Heart of Slough regeneration project and replaced with a strange hybrid of a crustacean and a fan heater that changes colour with the weather (I’m not joking). The library is also suffering a similar fate.

This is all very reminiscent of the post-war flurry of destruction and redevelopment that built modern Slough, bus station included, that is now so derided. Still, out of a survey of one life-long Slough resident I’ve found 100% in favour of it’s obliteration so maybe it’s for the best.

I’d rather hoped there would be some grand destruction ceremony involving explosives that I could witness but the actual demolition is, fittingly, not very glamorous:

Apparently you can judge the prosperity of a town by counting the number of cranes on the horizon. By that measure Slough is second only to Dubai!

New bus station opens January 2011. I’m sure you’ll all be anxious for updates.