It’s Easter today but even more importantly the East Hill funicular railway in Hastings has reopened! Hastings has not one but two funicular railways, the other one is longer but shallower and appropriately positioned on the West Hill. The East Hill lift has been closed for several years due to an unfortunate accident but is now operating again and has reclaimed its place as the steepest funicular railway in the UK. I have taken some pictures to celebrate this happy occasion which you can see below.

After years of deriding my home town I’ve recently decided I quite like the place. I don’t know whether this is due to my recent move to the Slough/Maidenhead area having been spoiled living in York and Winchester, or because Hastings really has improved under the benevolent rule of Michael Foster.

Still, the town is certainly a trendy place to be now considering all the fancy designer outlets displacing the charity shops in the old town and the influx of the middle classes.

Unfortunately not everything is happy in Hastings today. For what do the incoming middle classes demand above all else? Art galleries! And what do they not want? Wooden huts selling ice cream! Thus Tom’s Cabin on the Stade is to be demolished and replaced with an art gallery despite local opposition. Today was Tom’s Cabin’s last day of trading and the local media had turned out to record the event. I remember visiting the outlet as a sprog but alas it will vend no more. Nevermind. Maybe the art gallery will have some good pictures. Will report back later.