A few years ago blodgett and I developed a useful tool for visualising what would happen if you grafted someone’s face onto a giraffe. We implemented this ground-breaking tool in GIMP script-fu and promptly forgot about it. I only rediscovered it recently when clearing out my home directory. Here is the program’s best guess at what our beloved leader would look like were he a giraffe:

In the process of scraping off the bit rot from giraffify I remembered why we didn’t develop it further: although script-fu is joyous Scheme the interface to the GIMP is aggravating to say the least. Perhaps this is why they now have Python-fu.

If you want to perform your own giraffification simulations you need the following files:

  • giraffify.scm – place this in ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts
  • giraffe.jpg or another picture of a giraffe – place this in your home directory or GIMP working directory

To use, open your source image in the GIMP, select the “free select tool” and mark the border of the target face. Then go to “Script-Fu” then “Shiny” and the “Giraffify” and behold the startling results of giraffification!