Yesterday I went on a walk from Staines to Twickenham along the Thames. It’s not the most interesting part of the river Thames by any means so I don’t have many photos to share. However, when I came to Shepperton Lock near Weybridge, Surrey I see that the local police force have collected the full range of anti-terrorism posters:

I wondered why Shepperton Lock was such a terrorist hotspot. But then I did remember that this part of England was once overrun by hordes of martian invaders so maybe the residents are rightly scared of outsiders. In fact, I believe the ferry crossing at Weybridge was the site where the first martian was destroyed by cannon?

Speaking of ferry crossings, as excited as I was by taking a small boat across the Thames, £2 is a bit steep for 30s of boat-riding.

Anyway, I’m 16 miles closer to having walked the full length of the Thames! :D