I’ve just suffered my fourth washing machine malfunction in 12 months. Why does this keep happening to me!!! :(

Here is a brief recap:

  • The first washing machine had some sort of problem where it would chew up its insides and spit them out over the clothes. This was replaced but then…
  • The new washing machine refused to spin after a few months. The cause of this problem was the legendary Carbon Brushes.
  • Some time passed. I moved house. But then I was struck with a terrible internal leakage problem. This turned out to be a lime scale accumulation on the inlet valve.

I thought I was safe. The washing machine was working. My clothes were clean and fresh. But then when I least expected it the washing machine just stopped mid cycle. After some analysis I found that it had not only stopped but tripped the circuit breaker. Furthermore, the machine now trips the circuit breaker the instant it’s turned on. Hmm. The engineer is coming on Friday but even if he fixes it I doubt it will last long until the next disaster.

With what sort of frequency do other people experience washing machine malfunctions??

UPDATE: Apparently the washing machine was completely borked: carbon brushes, bearings, and some other component were completely worn out. New washing machine being delivered this morning… wonder how long it will last.