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Disaster narrowly averted

Earlier this evening I was making mashed potato as I am sometimes known to do. After boiling the potato until ripe and tender I prepared the items for the next stage: milk, salt, pepper, and the all important masher. What else? Butter, of course! The most vital ingredient. No butter in the butter hopper. Hmm. […]

Why do washing machines hate me?

I’ve just suffered my fourth washing machine malfunction in 12 months. Why does this keep happening to me!!! 🙁 Here is a brief recap: The first washing machine had some sort of problem where it would chew up its insides and spit them out over the clothes. This was replaced but then… The new washing […]

Washing machine woes

My washing machine has developed an unfortunate fault where the drum will slowly fill up with water at the rate of about one inch per eight hours. This happens even when the machine is switched off. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the mechanism as it will happily drain away again when it’s […]