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Disaster narrowly averted

Earlier this evening I was making mashed potato as I am sometimes known to do. After boiling the potato until ripe and tender I prepared the items for the next stage: milk, salt, pepper, and the all important masher. What else? Butter, of course! The most vital ingredient. No butter in the butter hopper. Hmm. […]

Rationing my mince pie consumption

In previous years I’ve had problems with excessive mince pie consumption over the Christmas period. So this year I am limiting myself to just twelve (12) mince pies (ones bought by myself that is, there is no limit to the mice pies I may consume when offered by other people – don’t want to appear […]

Mashed potato success

Today I made my best mashed potato yet, so I thought I should document it here. Unfortunately, for the first time I think I made too little. Maybe this had something to do with it. Anyway, I used Tesco organic white potatoes (on offer at 75p per kg). I used vast quantities of butter: a […]

Spudski Kartoffelstampfer

I have a new potato masher! Received as present from my mum. It is Spudski Kartoffelstampfer. Here it is: First impressions are good: the handle is soft and comfortable to grip; the shaft is longer than most mashers giving good leverage against the potato. It’s plastic so it won’t scrape away the pan, but feels […]