Final bit of holiday blogging! After Bratislava I went to Budapest. Although it’s not actually very far the journey seemed to take an eternity. Still, it was quite fun as the train had retro compartments and the route skirted the bank of the Danube most of the way which was quite pleasant.

While the weather had been nice and sunny for most of my trip, it all went downhill when I got to Hungary and rained most of the time. This was doubly unpleasant as I was there on a Monday when most museums are closed. However, I did manage to visit two outdoor museums: the “memento park” is a collection of salvaged communist era statues plonked on some scrub-land on the edge of the city, and the “MAV nostalgia park” which is the official museum of the Hungarian state railway. Both were OK, but would have benefited from captions or a guidebook or something. The MAV park has a fantastic logo:

I think this really captures the aesthetic I’m aiming for with TrainGame! Anyway, here’s the final set of photos: