Like a modern day Magellan I set off yesterday on an epic quest to circumnavigate High Wycombe. The town is only a few miles north of where I live but I have only ever visited it a handful of times. Having seen it from all sides I have reached the conclusion that it is very hilly: my route had 2.5km of height gain!

Pedants might point out that my route wasn’t actually a circumnavigation, but a real adventurer takes no notice of those people. Just like they shouldn’t listen to weather forecasters who predict cloud and rain: look at the clear sky!


This is at Harpenden house near the start of my route north of the town.

One of the low points came around mid-afternoon, walking on a messy footpath between the M40 and the local ASDA. But then I went through a dark underpass leading to open fields on the other side. I thought it made an interesting photo: