Contrary to popular opinion, there are several interesting things in Maidenhead. And here I have made some pictures of them!

This is the Brunel bridge which has been featured on this blog several times previously. The arches are incredibly wide and flat: such an awesome bit of engineering. Soon to be upgraded when the west coast mainline is CrossRail-ified, with overhead gantries and extra strengthening for super fast trains.

This tree has somehow managed to grow incredibly straight but in the wrong direction.

Here we return to the subject of bridges, but also of goose. This bridge is normally referred to as the Maidenhead bridge and carries traffic along the A4 from Slough. The bridges really are the best thing about Maidenhead…

I really like this derelict terrace near the football ground. I think it’s imminently to be demolished redeveloped into trendy flats, which is a pity as they would look much better renovated and left as houses.

That’s all for today. I will post more things as soon as I find them!