Time to continue my trek around East Anglia after a long pause since my epic mission to Great Yarmouth last year. This time I’m off to Southwold via Lowestoft.

Great Yarmouth in the fog early on a Saturday morning is not the most inspiring place to be. The town has clearly seen better days. I’d spent the night in a Wetherspoons which sounds grim but was surprisingly nice.

Ness Point

After a frustrating section trudging through sand dunes I eventually came to Lowestoft, and this nondescript disk which is Ness Point the most Easterly place in the United Kingdom.

UKD Orca after passing through the bridge

Lowestoft harbour has a rather exciting bridge which splits in the middle and raises up to allow ships through. In this case it was UKD Orca, “a modern and highly versatile trailing suction hopper dredger”, so there you go.

Southwold pier

After a brief detour through the lovely interior of Suffolk I arrived in Southwold, snapped a picture of the pier, and then ran off to catch the last bus back to Lowestoft followed by another one and a half hour bus to Norwich. Hooray for the £2 fare cap.