So after I’d been to the trade show in Nuremberg I took a day of holiday and did some sight seeing! Nuremberg has a lovely “old” town most was destroyed during the second world war and the rebuilt, although you can’t tell this immediately. Some buildings are original however, such as this cathedral and the merchant house containing the fantastic Stadtmuseum.


I spent a few hours exploring the castle which dominates the town and also has a pretty good exhibition on the history of Nuremberg as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. The city walls and moat that surround the town are also very picturesque, but you can’t walk on top of them. :(


I also visited the toy museum (great) and the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus (probably better if you’re German). Both included in the museum day-pass!

On the way back I had a few hours to spare so I stopped off in Frankfurt and spent an hour wandering around in the dark and rain. There wasn’t much to see: it mostly seems to be banks and other offices. The most interesting building I saw was the office of the European Central Bank. Perhaps symbolically, one of the lights in their logo is broken.