At work last we week were subjected to an interminable two day “New Hire Workshop” despite having worked there for nearly three years. I learned all sorts of useful things like how to “ideate” and that I should be “training at the empowerment gym”. Hmm. Anyway, to pass the time I started writing a story about a disappearing unicorn in Chinese to practice my characters.

In the first chapter we meet the protagonists; their occupations are discussed; and a startling event occurs.


The second chapter concerns a fruitless exploration of places where the unicorn is not, and our heroes begin to despair.


In the final chapter a ghostly apparition provides a clue to the unicorn’s whereabouts and a happy conclusion is reached.


Feedback from friend Winni who is a Real Chinese Person ™ was that it was mostly intelligible with just a few nonsense sentences. I give myself a B+.

UPDATE: by popular demand I have created English translations of chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3! The text in red is where the corresponding Chinese sentence was a bit of grammatical fail.