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Ridgeway Rainbow

Rainbow on the Ridgeway, November 2014

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Walk from Maidenhead to Marlow in November 2009

19 Photos


Walk around Newbury and Donnington castle

14 Photos


Burnham, Slough Trading Estate, and the Brunel bridge in Maidenhead. December 2009.

20 Photos

January Snow

Brief walk along the Grand Union Canal on my lunch break during January 2010 snow.

9 Photos

Marlow March 2010

Some photos from around Marlow, Bisham, and Winter Hill in March 2010

10 Photos


Sunset at Silchester, Hants. July 2010

31 Photos

Beeches Way

Walk from Farnham Common to Yiewsley, December 2011

20 Photos

Stoke Common

Stoke Common and Beeches Way, December 2012

20 Photos

Beeches Way 2013

Annual Beeches Way walk, December 2014

38 Photos

Ridgeway Rainbow

Rainbow on the Ridgeway, November 2014

20 Photos

Beeches Way 2014

Beeches Way, December 2014

62 Photos

High Wycombe

Walk around High Wycombe, February 2015

13 Photos

Watership Down

Walk to Watership Down, May 2015

24 Photos


Walk around Silchester, July 2015

32 Photos

Maidenhead to Henley

Walk from Maidenhead to Henley, August 2015

19 Photos

Beeches Way 2016

Beeches Way, November 2016

32 Photos

Cholsey Newbury

Walk from Cholsey to Newbury, August 2016

15 Photos

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