This is a major new release with many improvements and bug fixes, especially for VHDL-2008 features.

Download: nvc-1.8.0.tar.gz

This release is signed with my PGP key ID 74319F1A: nvc-1.8.0.tar.gz.sig

  • The --disable-opt and --native elaborate options which were deprecated in version 1.3 have been removed.
  • The JSON dumper which was unmaintained for several years has been removed.
  • VHDL-2019 mode can be enabled with --std=2019. Please note there is very limited support for this standard at present.
  • The new --no-save elaboration option skips saving the elaborated design and other generated files to the working library.
  • Added support for else and elsif in generate statements (#510).
  • Xilinx Vivado vendor libraries can now be compiled with nvc --install vivado.
  • LLVM 8.0 or later is now required due to deprecation of non-opaque pointers.
  • Altera/Intel Quartus vendor libraries can now be compiled with nvc --install quartus.
  • The nvc --version output now includes the commit hash if built from a Git checkout.
  • The new --gtkw run option writes a .gtkw save file for GtkWave containing all the signals in the design (suggested by @amb5l).
  • libffi is now a build-time dependency.
  • Negation of the smallest negative value of a type such as -integer'left now produces an error.
  • Default OSVVM version updated to 2022.11.
  • case .. generate statements are now supported in VHDL-2008.
  • Coverage implementation was reworked and now collects statement, branch, expression and toggle metrics (from @Blebowski).
  • The --make command is deprecated and will be repurposed in a later release. Use the new --print-deps command instead to generate Makefile dependencies.

Special thank you to @bpadalino, @tmeissner, @Blebowski, and @amb5l for sponsoring me!