It occurred to me recently that despite living in Maidenhead for nearly six years I’ve made hardly any forays southwards, except the occasional visit to Windsor or Staines. Yesterday I decided to rectify that and bravely strode across the M4 into uncharted lands (over a bridge, mind you).


I walked roughly parallel to the M4 from home to Wokingham, which I’ve never visited before. After a while I remembered the reason I don’t go this way much: the land is flat and featureless; footpaths are few and far between; and where they do exist they have a habit of terminating unexpectedly on busy roads.

Here’s a path through some farmland which was fairly typical of the scenery. Lots of horses around!


Wokingham is mostly famous for having the best quality of life of anywhere in the UK, and being at the bottom of the social deprivation league table. The town itself was a bit underwhelming. The most interesting feature I found was this Victorian town hall.