I walked along the next bit of the Thames Path today, slowly making my way towards Oxford. Today’s segment was between Goring and Culham. It was quite pretty with autumn trees and quaint villages, but it did rain a bit. I didn’t manage to take many good pictures, but here’s one of some ill-looking berries:

Unfortunately it nearly all ended in disaster as I somewhat overestimated the distance I could walk during the daylight hours available. So I found myself hurrying along a muddy path as darkness closed in alarmingly quickly. I made it to Culham before it was completely dark but not in time to catch the last train home. Luckily there was an adjacent pub where I could acquire ale and the services of local taxi firm who conveyed me to Didcot for an outrageous fee – seriously, £16 for a seven mile journey??! I think I left quite a lot of mud in his car so maybe that’s fair.