I originally visited Windsor castle years ago when I first moved to this area. However I forgot to blog about it. One of the benefits of being a local resident is that you get in for free! A good thing too, as I don’t remember it being that good last time.


One of the problems with Windsor castle is that large bits of it are often closed. Like St George’s chapel, which the Queen was using last time. However by happy coincidence it was open today and some bits I visited before were closed for renovation. So I think I’ve seen the lot of it now.


Afterwards I visited the Royal Borough museum in Windsor Guildhall which by some oversight I’d never bothered to go in before. I’m rather fond of the one-room municipal museum and this one is trying its best with a limited collection. However the highlight was a free impromptu guided tour of the rooms upstairs. This is the one where Prince Charles and Camilla got married a few years ago: