My previous visit to Staines generated quite some comment in the blogosphere. And now Staines has officially been renamed Staines-on-Thames surely it deserves a repeat visit?

It’s been wet and dreary here for weeks so rather than head off somewhere remote and exotic I decided last Sunday to walk from my house over to Staines-on-Thames. The only interesting thing I came across on the way was this monument to the Magna Carta at Runnymeade that I forgot to photograph last time.


Trivia time! When King John went to sign the Magna Carta he travelled from Odiham Castle which I visted a few months ago.

Staines seemed largely the same as before. The museum was still closed. But I did notice a poem on the side of the lino sculpture! It’s called “Release Every Pattern” by Richard Price and Leona Medlin and reproduced here for your perusal.

Roll out the lino
from Staines to the world!
Release every pattern
from chessboard to twirl!
In every hopeful kitchen
let life unfurl,
bathrooms are artrooms
from soapsuds to swirl!
Roll out the lino
from Staines to the world!

Inspiring stuff!