So Yangshuo is a town in the countryside just south of Guilin which was probably really nice 20 years ago but which has been commercialised so much it’s easily the tackiest place I’ve been in China. Think hordes or persistent touts that target white tourists, loads of Western junk food, “Irish” pubs, etc. etc. Not my kind of place. If I’d known before I went I would have stayed in one of the smaller villages nearby. Although the lady who ran the small hotel I stayed at was really friendly, so not all bad.

Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds, what more could you want?

There are some natural attractions south of Yangshuo that are worth a visit, but as you might expect they are way over developed. It didn’t really help that the day I went was very grey and gloomy.

Old banyan tree

The first one is this 1000 year old tree called, descriptively, “Big Banyan Tree”. Bit spooky and Harry Potter-ish.

Half moon hill

This one is called Half Moon Hill. Climbing up is good fun. At the top were some enthusiastic old ladies selling water trying to justify their ridiculous prices because they had to carry it all the way up. Hmm.