For this week’s adventure I decided to revisit Winchester where I lived during my work placement year at university. To make things more “fun” I walked there from Salisbury which is around 25 miles away.

Salisbury looked nice enough, especially the cathedral which I wandered around a bit, but I didn’t stay long as I was anxious to get going and I was starting fairly late. Between Winchester and Salisbury I followed the Clarendon Way which is a pleasant if slightly forgettable path. It’s named after a ruined palace a few miles out of Salisbury.

The best bit is the horse monument near the end which I’d visited before with Pete about eight years ago and then completely forgotten about. It commemorates a horse which fell down a pit and lived to win a race:


Once I got to Winchester I checked out the good ole Stanmore Estate, which seemed somewhat nicer than I remembered it. After that I checked out the standard tourist attractions including the cathedral, which nicely bookended the trip, before catching the train home.