It doesn’t seem very long since this blog declared that it was officially Spring. Now the weather has sorted itself out it is very much Autumn. I went out for a walk in the hills today, roughly here:

Here are some suspiciously friendly horses near the start:

The weather was a bit grey but I think that’s preferable to the weird heatwave we had last weekend.

This is a village called Turville which may seem strangely familiar as it’s often appeared on TV and films as Generic English Village. Most notably in the Vicar of Dibley. Given that, it’s surprisingly hard to find somewhere to take a decent picture of it. I’ve never ventured this far north into Buckinghamshire so this is all pretty new and exciting for me.

This amazing machine is the NOMMER4000: the latest in harvesting technology. It drives around a field gobbling up everything, digests it, and then spews it out of its spout into the accompanying truck. So voracious is its appetite that it doesn’t stop eating when the truck is full: instead the farmer just brings in a fresh empty one.

Green and pleasant land and what not. This is a village called Fingest. Has a weird shaped church.