I was away in Yorkshire last week visiting some northern acquaintances and going for a walk on the moors. I walked along the first part of the Cleveland way, from Helmsley to Kildale, and then got the train back to Middlesbrough and civilisation. Around 45 miles over three and a half days so not very far but it was hilly! I had planned to take a short cut on the final day and get the train at Battersby but the nice people on the farm where I was staying gave me a lift back to where I’d left the path the previous day so I was able to do the whole route. On the way home I was stranded for 40 minutes in Middlesbrough so I paid a visit to my favourite attraction: the transporter bridge! Somehow my memory of Middlesbrough was pleasanter than the reality.

Weather was good and bad on alternate days but it only rained on Saturday when I was walking from Hambleton to Osmotherley so it could have been worse. Also, I managed to get sunburnt on Sunday! In March! In Yorkshire! The photos I took are a mixed bunch, which is a shame because the scenery was pretty awesome, but here they are: