Here’s an experimental new method for overcoming some weaknesses in my current mashed potato process:

While the potatoes are bubbling and the sausages are sizzling take a small saucepan and make a small fire under it. Add a large quantity of butter, small amount of milk, some salt, some pepper, and a tiny amount of English mustard. If you’re feeling risqué and want to live life on the edge, add a little bit of nutmeg. Now, stir this mixture until it goopifies but don’t let it get too hot! While you are mashing, slowly add the butter sauce and the mash will be made!

Advantages to this technique: it makes the mashing stage significantly faster; it makes effective use of the idle time when waiting for things to fry/boil; it eliminates the cooling effect of adding cold milk and butter from the fridge; it gives a more uniform mash.

Disadvantages: it creates extra washing up; it can go a bit weird if it gets too hot; it is difficult to judge the right quantity of ingredients to add.

I’ve tried this technique twice now and have been quite pleased with the result. Experimentation continues.