Browsing the second-hand book shops of Hastings today I came across this little gem:

Azerbaijan in Reality

Azerbaijan in Reality

This is a wonderful and informative book produced by the Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism. The text appears in both English and another language (Azerbaijani?). It contains information on Azerbaijan, its geography, people, and principle industries (oil). At the end is a section for tourists wishing to visit Azerbaijan (who wouldn’t?) and at the front is a brief introduction by president Heydar Aliyev.


Keen Azerbaijan spotters will note that Heydar sadly passed away in 2003; his son Ilham Aliyev subsequently being elected. The book isn’t dated, but some of the information is quoted as being from 2001 so I guess the book is 6-8 years old. What a find! I’d love to know how it ended up in Hastings.

On the facing page to the president above is the Azerbaijan national anthem. Everyone sing together! and…

Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
You are the glorious motherland of heroes!
We all are ready to give our lifes [sic] for you!
We all are able to shed a blood for you!
Long live your three-coloured banner!
Thousands of people sacrificed their lifes!
Chests turned to battlefield!
Every soldier who gave his life for you,
Has become a hero!
We pray for your prosperity,
We sacrifice our lifes for you!
Our sincere love to you
Is established in our hearts!
To defend your honour,
To hoist your banner,
All the young people are ready!
Glorious motherland! Glorious motherland!
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!