I may well have mentioned Station Jim on this blog previously, but I don’t think I have devoted a whole article to him, which he most certainly deserves.

This is Station Jim. He is a dead dog. Very very dead. In fact, he has been dead and on display at Slough train station for over a hundred years. This alone should make him a top tourist attraction, even if he hadn’t lead the incredible life of adventure an selfless charity detailed on the small plaque on his case.

Station Jim was a stray dog found wandering around Slough station in destitution. However the kind people of Slough took pity on him and he was returned to health. At which point he was fitted with a pouch and sent to collect money from passengers for local charities. He raised enormous sums of money and at one point boarded a train and traveled as far as Swindon (or somewhere like that)! After his death at a ripe old age he was stuffed and put in a display case. The end.

(Wikipedia may have a slightly more accurate account.)