Last week I took a trip up to the 100th floor observation gallery in the Shanghai World Financial Centre the second tallest building in Shanghai. For a time it was also the second tallest building in the world, but it’s a fair way down the rankings now.

It’s the one on the left that looks like a bottle opener

The 100th floor ticket costs 180 which is cheaper, higher, and less crowded than the Oriental Pearl Tower, so triple win. You can save 60 RMB by only going to the 94th floor, but why bother.

The observation deck is pretty empty

The best time to visit is around sunset on a clear day, that way you get both the day and night scenery. The gallery isn’t ideal for taking photos in the day time though because the windows have a lot of glare, and there’s no outside area like the Taipei 101.

Sunset with the ever present haze